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What It Is Actually Like to Be in the Engine Room of the Start-Up Economy

“Michael Lewis was never a top Wall Street bond salesman, but in Liar’s Poker he captured an era. Chaos Monkeys aims to do the same for Silicon Valley, and bracingly succeeds.”


‘Chaos Monkeys’ Is a Guide to the Spirit of Silicon Valley

“An irresistible and indispensable 360-degree guide to the new technology establishment…. A must-read.”


Chaos in the Valley

“Unlike most founding narratives that flow out of the Valley, Chaos Monkeys dives into the unburnished, day-to-day realities: the frantic pivots, the enthusiastic ass-kissing, the excruciating internal politics…. [García] can be rude, but he’s shrewd, too.”


Chaos monkeys are driving innovation in Silicon Valley

You can love ’em or you can hate ’em, but online ads are here to stay. Google and its ad-selling prowess is well covered. Twitter’s fighting the good fight trying to figure it out. Facebook seems to have it pretty well nailed.

Antonio García Martínez is one of the people responsible for that, he’s the creator of Facebook Exchange, the social media company’s first successful try at generating ad revenue.


What ex-Facebook employee wants you to know about Silicon Valley

Ex-Facebook employee Antonio Garcia Martinez wants people to know Silicon Valley isn’t really the way it’s portrayed.

“It’s often painted as a very meritocratic sifting of the best and the brightest,” Martinez told “CBS This Morning” Tuesday. In fact, he says, “It’s all connections, happenstance, sheer luck, fate, etc.”

New York Times

A Reading List of Tell-Alls, Strategic Plans and Cautionary Tales in Finance

“Incisive…. The most fun business book I have read this year…. Clearly there will be people who hate this book – which is probably one of the things that makes it such a great read.”

New York Post

The ruthless, punishing life of a Facebook employee

“The ruthless, punishing life of a Facebook employee…a highly caffeinated, score-settling tech-world memoir”


The Best Business and Economics Books for Summer

“There are some books that are just too good to miss…. In his insider-tells-all book, Garcia Martinez discusses everything from goofy stories to cultural secrets about some of the country’s most powerful and influential businesses.”


This Summer’s 14 Must-Read Books

“You’ll read his book for the same reason you watch Silicon Valley: for entertainment, but also for that painful, necessary awareness that, somehow, this really is the world we live in.”